About Huntley Film Archives

Terms Of Business

  1. Occasionally, a film print is not available for archive purposes. This doesn't happen very often, but we must reserve the right to withdraw films from the catalogue at short notice.
  2. Third party rights clearances must be observed and Huntley Film Archives will endeavour to make available all information relating to these matters. It is important that you accept that third party clearances may be necessary. In the majority of cases, this will be unnecessary.
  3. The viewing versions supplied are strictly for the purposes of research or education only. Handling fees do not imply the granting of rights in any capacity. If usage beyond research or education is the long-term aim, then please consult with Huntley Film Archives before the order is placed.
  4. Huntley Film Archives reserves the right to refuse part or all of any order placed.
  5. We will make every possible effort to fulfil your order as soon as possible, but this is subject to the reliability of the courier company for which we cannot be held responsible. We will undertake to inform you of any delays if they arise. Courier and post & packaging costs are not included in the price. There will be additional charges for these services.
  6. Our archivists spend many hours researching and cataloguing our film collections, so please be aware that the text featured on this website remains the copyright of Huntley Film Archives Ltd. Any re-production - in part or whole - is prohibited, without the written consent of a director of Huntley Film Archives Ltd.